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÷ Between Power and Powerlessness :: As part of the Karlsruhe festival »Women's Perspectives«, the ZKM will host the symposium Between Power and Powerlessness - Women in China Today on Saturday, March 12, 2005. The event will discuss the diverse life experiences and interests of women in China today, focussing on the country’s rapid transformation that brings about new chances, but also new challenges. Among the speakers are Prof. Dr. Nicola Spakowski [Sinologist and Historian at the International University of Bremen], Karin Hasselblatt [Sinologist, translator of »Shanghai Baby,« Berlin], and Vera Schick M.A. [Sinologist, Tübingen| Stuttgart].
[Sat 03/12/2005, 10am-5pm, ZKM_Lecture hall, Admission free]

÷ EVERY COMPUTER IS RED :: On Saturday, March 12, 2005, the artists group prospect park will present »EVERY COMPUTER IS RED«, a machine opera for a robot, one actor, and three performers, at ZKM’s Media Theater. Taking Stanislaw Lem’s sci-fi novel »GOLEM XIV“, which centers on the idea of artificial intelligence far superior to human cognition, as a starting point, the group develops a multi-dimensional creature comprised of light, sound, and smoke and have it enter a round table discussion attended by scholars in the humanities and natural scientists. Appearing as contributions to the discussion are, in part cryptic, chaotic, amorphous sensations. The aim is to develop an exchange of thoughts with the respective experts about the future of humankind. The evening’s experiment is the confrontation of the fictional arrangement with the scholar’s cognitive scientific interests.
[Sat 03/12/2005, 8 pm, ZKM_Media Theater, Tickets: €5/3]

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÷ forget it! don't trust your archives :: is the motto of the 9th garage festival that will take place in Stralsund [Germany] in August this year. The festival will focus on the discussion of technologies and mechanics of saving, archiving and forgetting, and thus the implications of the current urge to collect and to archive, to save and to index, and to codify. Until May 02, 2005, artists can submit proposals and projects that critically examine the changes in our view of reality brought about by new recording technologies, database systems, search algorithms and collaborative filter mechanisms, and the issues raised by the possibility to save and recall everything for later use that reduces our willingness to concentrate on the moment and that renders the event itself unimportant by reducing it to condensed information in a practical storage format.
[Deadline for submissions: 05/02/2005 | - > call for entries]

÷ PRIXARTS 05 - cfp :: This year’s Ars Electroica Festival will take place from September 1 to 6, 2005. Until March 18, 2005, projects can be submitted for the 19th International Competition for Cyberarts, the Prix Ars Electronica. Categories include Computer Animation / Visual Effects, Digital Musics, Interactive Art, Net Vision and Digital Communities, as well as the “u19 – freestyle computing” competition.
[Ars Electronica Festival: 09/-01-06/2005, Linz, Austria | deadline for the Prixarts: 03/18/2005 | - > online submissions]

÷ 35th Tampere Film Festival :: From March 09 - 13, 2005, the Tampere Film Festival will celebrate its 35th anniversary. The program of the festival, which is the oldest and largest short film festival in Northern Europe, includes international feature and Finnish short film competitions, as well as special programs.
[Festival: March 9–13, 2005, Tampere, Finland]

÷ Edith Russ Site for Media Art - Stipend 2005 :: Until March 15, 2005, new media artists can submit applications for this year’s stipend of the Edith Russ Site for Media Art [Oldenburg, Germany]. Former grant recipients included Minerva Cuevas [MEX], Calin Dan [RO/NL] and Martine Neddam [F/NL] in 2004, 2003 Dave Allen [GB/D], Bernadette Corporation [USA/F], Naomi Ben-Shahar [USA/ISR] in 2003, as well Johan Grimonprez [B], Dagmar Keller/Martin Wittwer [D/CH] and Florian Zeyfang [D] in 2002.
[Deadline for applications: 03/15/2005; application form: .pdf]

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