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ZKM_Events :: March 2005

prospect park

Machine opera for a robot, one actor,
and three performers

Sat 03/12/2005, 8 pm
ZKM_Media theater, Tickets: €5/3

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In his sci-fi novel »GOLEM XIV,« Stanislaw Lem constructs an artificial intelligence which is far superior to human cognition. Its discourse on the future of humans in terms of their physical and mental limitations reaches its apex in the confrontation between mankind and an inorganic being of its own creation, which demands a removal of the building material, human.
In the machine opera EVERY COMPUTER IS RED, prospect park takes up Lem's scientific-philosophical text and spins it into the present. They develop a multi-dimensional creature comprised of light, sound, and smoke and have it enter a round table discussion attended by scholars in the humanities and natural scientists. Appearing as contributions to the discussion are, in part cryptic, chaotic, amorphous sensations. The aim is to develop an exchange of thoughts with the respective experts about the future of humankind. The evening’s experiment is the confrontation of the fictional arrangement with the scholar’s cognitive scientific interests.


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