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01/28/2005, Fri :: Wolfgang Hagen: The Radio Ego
Multimedia presentation on early American radio and Orson Welles as part of the accompanying program for the exhibition Phonorama
The media expert talks, amongst others things, about the legendary radio shows of the famous ventriloquist, Edgar Bergen, and his puppet, Charlie McCarthy, which were broadcast on American radio in the 1930s.
[01/28/2005 | ZKM_Lecture Hall | 7 pm | admission €2.50/€1.50 (admission free with exhibition ticket)]

01/29/2005, Sat :: DJ Electric Indigo
Despite the dominance of the visual in the modern public arena the human voice can still be regarded as the medium of a democratic system, as is indicated by such terms as »having a voice« and »the voice of the people«. Only those who raise their voices become active. Only if individuals speak as one can they become an audible group. In this concert the artist, Electric Indigo, arranges the national anthems of all the EU countries. She has asked her artist friends from the countries concerned to speak their national anthems and to take part in an electronic deconstruction.
[DJ Electric Indigo | Concert: European Voices | ZKM_Foyer | 9 pm | admission €5/€3]

Closing Weekend! until 01/30/2005: Phonorama. A cultural history of the voice as a medium
A cultural and media history of the voice implies a whole variety of possible dimensions and connections. The spectrum ranges from the mythical voice of God, the seductive voices of the Sirens and the voices of the dead to the voices of dreams, the voices of angels, the 'divine castratos' and prima donnas. The opera and the cathedral can be contrasted with the political arena, the forum of rhetoric or the lectern. The voice is the 'object' which – in the form of a mother’s voice, for instance – precedes the constitutional history of the individual; it is the 'transitional object' that is revived, as it were, in the voice of the hypnotist, the therapist or the artist. Voices also function as media in the sense that they create an atmosphere or 'moods', which occasionally resist rapid translation and the attribution of meaning. This exhibition links the different perspectives to be found in the history of culture, music, art and the media; it opens windows on the history of technology and political fascination.
[Phonorama | ZKM_Museum for Contemporary Art, until 01/30/2005]

Closing Weekend! Until 01/30/2005: performing_sounds, works from the ZKM_Video Collection that address the phenomenon of speech.
The works exhibited focus on speaking as a social act, as a means of communication, a physical expression and a discourse of language and technology and hence as a process of dialogue between man and machine. Language is debated as a basic element of verbal communication in all its facets – from the formulation of terms via the vocal apparatus to the physically painful experience and bodily exertion involved in articulation, in which language is again dissected into sounds. The works selected include videos from the 1970s and 1980s that deal with the visualisation of language and the acoustic manipulation of images as well as works that attempt to portray the time factor as a process-related experience. This documentary function of video as a means of recording performances and happenings is accompanied by research into the technical potential of the medium itself. An analysis is made of the relationship between image and sound and the way they can be influenced in technical terms, and a direct link established between them.
Artists: Abramovic/Ulay, Vito Acconci, Jochen Gerz, Gary Hill, Bruce Nauman, Dennis Oppenheim, Steina Vasulka, Peter Weibel.
[Performing Sounds | ZKM_Medialounge, until 01/30/2005 | admission free]

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