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We regret that the Symposium »Culture war. Hitler's speeches on art«, scheduled for Friday, January 14, 2005, has to be cancelled due to illness. A new date for the event will be announced as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

01/12/2005 + 01/14/2005, Sat + 01/15/2005, Thurs : Guest performances by the Karlsruhe College of Music ::
The ZKM always does whatever it can to foster young artists and offer them a platform for their works. This series of concerts by the Karlsruhe College of Music is therefore being held for the second time this year in the Blue Cube. The setting for Friday's performance is the concert exam for the composer, Stefan Pohlit. The content and aesthetic style of his six-part cycle entitled Die Namen der Wüste [Names of the Desert] is based on the essay of the same name by the Austrian writer, Raoul Schrott. The young composer's arrangement gives the piece a new and very individual overall structure. Wednesday and Saturday evening see presentations by composers from the College of Music’s Computer Studio. Their mixture of computer music, live electronic music and video art not only offers the audience a very varied range of music, but also provides a host of fascinating impressions thanks to the juxtaposition of works by well-known artists and new compositions by students at the music college.
Wednesday, 12 January 2005: Studio Concert 1 ZKM_Cube, 20.00, admission €5/€2.50 (Works by Luigi Nono, Johannes Motschmann, Vito Zuraj and others).
Friday, 14 January 2005: Stefan Pohlit: Names of the Desert | ZKM_Cube, 20.00, admission free (New Music Ensemble of the Karlsruhe College of Music).
Saturday, 15 January 2005: Studio Concert 2 | ZKM_Cube, 20.00, admission €5 / €2.50 (Computer music, live electronic music, video) [-> www.hfm-karlsruhe.de]

01/13/2005, Thurs : EXIT_Ausstieg aus dem Bild, Exhibition Opening ::
The opening of the exhibition entitled EXIT_Ausstieg aus dem Bild marks the reintegration of the Museum of New Art into the ZKM. The collection's first thematic exhibition shows works from the Boros, FER, Froehlich, Grässlin, Weishaupt und ZKM collections (formerly the ZKM_Museum of Contemporary Art). It focuses on a complex and fascinating aspect of Western art in the second half of the 20th century: the farewell to the picture.
In the late 1950s, when artists were still attempting to come to terms with the impact of the Second World War and the Cold War, there were signs of a fundamental irritation and radical questioning of traditional social and artistic values. Art increasingly came to be seen as a »response to reality« (Laszlo Glozer). In the quest for new myths the traditional form of the picture was no longer able to function on its own as a conveyor of messages. The picture medium had to be damaged, destroyed or denied before subsequently being expanded and made capable of crossing media boundaries. The medium itself ultimately became the conveyor of messages. This farewell to the picture was prepared by a number of Modernist artists, such as Kasimir Malewitsch and Piet Mondrian. In the second half of the 20th century, painters of the younger generation further reduced the contents of their pictures or made them more geometrical. Visitors are guided through the exhibition in accordance with various thematic aspects and can experience for themselves the debunking of art - partly by audiovisual means - from the late 1950s up to the present day.
[EXIT_Ausstieg aus dem Bild | ZKM_Museum for Contemporary Art | Opening: 01/13/2005, 7pm, ZKM_Foyer | Exhibition: 01/14/2005 - 08/14/2005]

01/08/2005, Sat : Gerhard Rühm: Masoch. A recitation ::
A ritual recitation of Sacher-Masoch and Ignatius von Loyola for one female and one male speaker, a chorus of speakers, and two mute actors. Featuring: Gerhard Rühm, Monika Lichtenfeld, and Collegium Musicum Baden-Baden. In cooperation with the radio station SWR 2.
When the sexual pathologist Richard von Krafft-Ebing coined the term »masochism« in 1890, he was referring to the preferred literary topic and the lived obsessions of the Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. With the help of biographical highlights based on various documentary material, Gerhard Rühm has developed a type of anecdotal psychogram of Sacher-Masoch’s personality. In this process, »a parallel counterpart crystallized almost inevitably: the figure of Ignatius von Loyola, for whom the obscure inner compulsion of total subjugation« Rühm says »manifested itself from seemingly contrary motivations–the eradication rather than stimulation of the flesh.« [Gerhard Rühm: Masoch | ZKM_Media theater | 01/08/2005 | 7:30 pm (Entrance at 7 pm) | Tickets €8/€5]

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