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ZKM_Events :: January 2005

Open Day
in all the ZKM museums

Thurs 01/06/2005, 10.00-18.00
admission free

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»Artemis Fowl«
Radio play in 5.1 multi-channel sound based on Eoin Colfer’s fantasy bestseller for young people of the same name, 14.00 and 16.00, ZKM Cube, admission free

An ingenious master thief, a fairy thirsty for action and the secret book of the elves: Artemis Fowl may be only 12 years old but he has a shrewd adult brain. A well-trained computer freak, he always wears a suit and tie, but underneath he has the heart of a master thief – and an incredible plan up his sleeve to increase the wealth of his criminally minded family. But, instead of robbing a bank like everybody else would, he succeeds in getting his hands on the Book of the Elves and decides to save the Fowls' honour and family seat with the help of a pile of fairy gold. This leads him to uncover a secret. The fairytale elves and trolls, gnomes and dwarfs, fairies and goblins live deep below the ground. When he succeeds in capturing Holly Short of the underground dwellers’ police force, everyone realises they are dealing with the master thief, Artemis Fowl.
The technical highlight of the SWR production is the surround sound, which provides the audience with a fascinating experience of sound and space. What is already standard practice in the film industry is still virgin territory for radio plays - a new dimension in listening.

Guided tours

Media Museum (Algorithmic Revolution + Masterpieces of Media Art)
10.00/11.00/12.00/13.00/14.00/15.00/16.00/17.00, lasts one hour.

Museum of Contemporary Art (Phonorama) 10.00/11.00/12.00/13.00/14.00/15.00/16.00/17.00, lasts one hour.

A sneak preview of the EXIT_Ausstieg aus dem Bild exhibition 11.00/13.00/15.00/17.00, lasts one hour


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