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12/02/2004, Thurs :: Katarina Matiasek: Primordial sound. Material for an idée fixe
Katarina Matiasek [*1965], artist and filmmaker living and working in Vienna, is present in the exhibition »Phonorama« with the video installation »Diva [2004]« created in collaboration with Scanner. In this multimedia lecture, the artist presents her latest film project »Ur-Geräusch,« which is based on the eponymous and only theoretical text from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. In the text, Rilke drafts the idea of playing the sutures of a human skull with the needle of the recently invented gramophone. Matiasek photographs skulls-from the world’s largest collection at the natural history museum in Vienna-along their sutures and, with a special filming technique, projects them topographically onto a film level. Fed optically into a virtual synthesizer, these curve functions, with their vertical, horizontal, or chromatic qualities, each produce a corresponding soundtrack.
[12/02/2004, 7pm | ZKM_Lecture Hall | Admission €2.50/€1.50 (free with exhibition)]

12/02/2004-12/03/2004, Thurs-Fri :: Kondition Pluriel
Within the virtual living rooms in which past and present, the real and the imaginary intermingle, two performers are confronted with their doubles. As the interfaces of a machine that constructs time, they participate in the production of an auto-poetic system. Movement reveals and transforms the invisible to the visible; the body is disassembled into its individual parts and dislocated; identities are overstepped; memories erased. The body is multiplied, becomes the node and forms a network that overcomes its own borders and acts in other places. In recombinant - the techn(o)rganic body both dancers are embedded into a responsive media-environment and equipped with a wireless sensor system and microphone. Their movements change and distort sound and image; they control cameras, change perspectives, record themselves and manipulate the material in real time. Every one of their actions influences every other element in the system. kondition pluriel is an interdisciplinary group from Montréal, Canada. Their site-specific performances integrate immersive media-environments, in which the elements of performance, dance, and installation are creatively linked. The group seeks to develop a language that stands apart from established disciplines and thus questions conventions.
[12/02/2004-12/03/2004, 8pm | ZKM_Media Theatre | Admission €5/€3]

12/03/2004, Fri :: Boijdar Spassov: Fiato Continuto I-V
In his cycle for brass instruments and electronics, »Fiato continuo,« the composer Bojidar Spassov experiments with short samples played by traditional folklorist brass instruments. These samples form the foundations of the countless metamorphoses of sound images in his pieces. In the progressions of the pieces, the sampled instruments occasionally gain a stronger meaning only to hide again in regular intervals behind the quasi-improvised solo instrumentation. Thus the composer creates a fascinating exchange between the acoustic and electronic instruments. In the context of this performance, Spassov’s cycle will be recorded for a CD production to be released in 2005 with WERGO in the Edition ZKM.
[12/03/2004, 8pm | ZKM_Cube | Admission €5/€3]

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