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11/26/2004, Fri :: Sung Mu. Traditional Korean dances and interactive computer music
The dancer Hyun-Ju Lee originally founded a dance ensemble in Korea in 1994 to present her own passion for dance to her fellow South Koreans. In the meantime, her choreographies have also received a great deal of attention internationally—in Japan, Russia, Australia, and the U.S. The group’s repertoire ranges from traditional folk and ritual dances to modern performances. For the ZKM evening, Hyun-Ju Lee will show a cross-section of the repertoire together with five dancers from her ensemble. The performance will take place in the ZKM Cube. A highlight of the evening will be a dance worked out by Hyun-Ju Lee together with Yong Joon Yang, also from South Korea. Yang, currently a guest artist at the ZKM | Institute for Music und Acoustics, composed a work in which a computer recognizes the movements of Lee’s choreography and generates sounds from it.
[Sung Mu. Traditional Korean dances and interactive computer music | Fri, 11/26/2004, 8pm | ZKM_Cube | admission €5/€3]

11/25/2004, Thurs :: update: Yong Joon Yang: Concert
Korean composer Yong Joon Yang, currently a guest artist at ZKM_Institute for Music and Acoustics, concentrates his production on interactive computer music. In the context of his updates, Yang would like to offer insight into his current work. He will present two pieces created during his residency at ZKM. In these pieces, Yang mixes the traditional roots of Korean folklore with state-of-the-art technology: a computer recognizes via camera the movements of a live performance and-following the choreography-continually creates new music based on samples of traditional Korean instruments. In this upDate, the artist will first explain the theoretical background of his work as well as his working method in a short talk. He will then offer a live performance of his work, with the support of dancer Hyun-Ju Lee.
[update: Yong Joon Yang: Concert | Thurs, 11/25/2004, 7 pm | ZKM_Cube | Admission free]

11/24/2004, Wed :: update: Chris Ziegler: »turned«
»turned« is a dance and interactive media performance developed and performed by the media artist Chris Ziegler, Artist in Residence at ZKM, together with the Berlin-based Japanese dancer, Kazue Ikeda. The performance bonds elements from dance, painting, visual art, and music. The pictures taken of the dancing body are sampled and distorted through electronic processing. The result is a synaesthetic bonding of the elements of dance, painting, visual art, and music. This in and of itself is nothing remarkable, yet the way in which the body "dances" visual material that is sampled in real time, and the way in which trace elements of these movements and stances are deconstructed in both a poetic and an unsettling manner provides an initial glance at the losses that accompany each "replacement" and each dematerialization. »turned« is a disc: it begins as a concert, continues as dance, moves into an interactive video sequence and finally channels into a 3D installation. A multimedia spatial body arises before the viewers' eyes.
[update: Chris Ziegler: »turned« | Wed, 11/24/2004, 8 pm | Dance and interactive media performance | ZKM_Media Theatre | Admission free]

until 01/30/2005 :: ZKM_Exhibition Phonorama
In the modern public arena, it is the voice rather than texts and images that stands for social synthesis. It functions as a medium of democratic, trans-national order, as is indicated by the use of the voice that is implicit in many terms, such as the right to vote, ballot paper, poll, agreement and unanimity. Those who raise their voices – and be it in the figurative sense – are performing an activity. This is as true of late industrial societies as it was in earlier times. In short, the voice is the subject matter for an exhibition in its own right. The exhibition »Phonorama - A cultural history of the voice as a medium« links the different perspectives to be found in the history of culture, music, art and the media; it opens windows on the history of technology and political fascination. Objects and voices from international museums, collections and media and voice archives can be seen and heard along with installations and projects designed especially for the exhibition. The curator is Brigitte Felderer, a cultural scientist from Vienna.
[ZKM_Museum for Contemporary Art | 19 September 2004 - 30 January 2005]

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