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ZKM_Events :: December 2004

Katarina Matiasek:
Primordial sound. Material for an idée fixe

Thursday 2 December 04, 7pm
ZKM_Lecture Hall
Admission €2.50/€1.50
[free with exhibition]

[-> Information in Deutsch]

Katarina Matiasek [*1965], artist and filmmaker living and working in Vienna, is present in the exhibition »Phonorama« with the video installation »Diva [2004]« created in collaboration with Scanner. In this multimedia lecture, the artist presents her latest film project »Ur-Geräusch,« which is based on the eponymous and only theoretical text from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. In the text, Rilke drafts the idea of playing the sutures of a human skull with the needle of the recently invented gramophone. Matiasek photographs skulls-from the world’s largest collection at the natural history museum in Vienna-along their sutures and, with a special filming technique, projects them topographically onto a film level. Fed optically into a virtual synthesizer, these curve functions, with their vertical, horizontal, or chromatic qualities, each produce a corresponding soundtrack.


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