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11/11/2004, Thurs :: Avantgarde
The aim of the extraordinary fashion event »Avantgarde« is to support young, talented fashion designers in Germany. Together with the ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, the University for Design, Pforzheim would like to offer young fashion designers an internationally relevant platform to increase their popularity and also to contribute to a growing understanding of fashion: fashion design is conceptual, creative, and independent, and it represents a great deal of our cultural understanding. The works of young fashion designers will show a dedicated audience that, not only has an outstanding national fashion industry developed, but also that designers with complex approaches are active at the highest levels. Further information can be found at: www.fh-pforzheim.de, www.contemporaryfashion.net
[ZKM_Foyer | 8 pm]

11/13/2004, Sat :: DEGEM-News
This concert forms the impressive conclusion of this year’s DEGEM meeting, the annual meeting for the members of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Elektroakustische Musik [German society for electroacoustic music]. Since its founding in 1991, DEGEM has supported electroacoustic music domestically and internationally. This means, among other things, organizing symposia on the subject, holding concerts, and producing publications and sound recordings. Once a year the members of the group meet for a mutual informational exchange. This year ZKM has provided a forum for composers, musicians, musicologists, sound technicians, and sound masters to discuss new developments and ideas. The list of participants reads like a »who’s who« of new music in Germany. The evening program will be similarly substantial. The audience will be treated to a presentation of the latest works of composers specially selected by a jury.
[Concert at ZKM Cube | 8 pm | admission €5/€3]

Closing Weekend :: ZKM_Exhibition »Diffusion per Vidéo«
In contrast to the video pioneers of the early 1960s subsequent generations have grown up with daily soaps, serious news broadcasts and fantasy figures from Disneyland. Small wonder that today’s TV generation demands a new language from the medium. The over 17 works in the exhibition examine the creative potential that TV and cinema images can develop if they are not consumed passively but interpreted imaginatively. The artists are all in their mid-thirties and from French language speaking countries, which are justifiably renowned as the most innovative in video. This is confirmed by the collection of the Fonds national d’art contemporain, which owns the works on display. The Fonds national d’art contemporain [FNAC] has been answerable since 1981 to the Delegation aux arts plastiques [DAP] and is responsible for acquiring major works by contemporary artists on behalf of the French government. So far some 80,000 works have been collected. Occupying a special place is the video collection of over 200 installations and video tapes, which include many works by French artists. While thematic video works have been systematically included in the collection since 1972, their numbers increased noticeably in the 1990s. One of FNAC’s main tasks apart from its purchasing, lending and documentary activities is the organisation of exhibitions at home and abroad, such as the present cooperation with the ZKM, which provides an opportunity for the collection to be presented outside France. Curated by Jean-Marc Prevost, Inspecteur de la création artistique, Délégation aux Arts plastiques, Ministère de la Culture and FNAC. With works by Absalon, Laetitia Benat, Pierre Bismuth, Claude Closky, Serge Comte, Marie-Ange Guilleminot, Pierre Joseph, and Hugues Reip.
[until 11/14/2004 | Media Lounge of the ZKM_Media Library]

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