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ZKM_Events :: November 2004

Jürgen Heiter:
The place in the woods [Die Stelle im Wald]

Film premiere
Sun, 11/21/2004, 7 pm
ZKM_Media Theater
admission €4.50/€2.50

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    Quicktime [5 min.]

Setting out from the start of modern cinematography, the cinema of Italian neo-realism from Roberto Rossellini to Pier Paolo Pasolini, and Jean-Luc Godard, filmmaker Jürgen Heiter deals in his latest work with the history of film and cinema, the tracks of its narratives, as well as its topology and morphology . By sketching the paths and encounters of two couples, plotted at a fictional level is two cultures’ search for their connections. The plot is layered by fragments of a contextual and formal analysis of modernism, whereby topoi, such as aspects of fascist versus contrapunctal modern architecture (Rome E.U.R., Sabaudia), play a central role. The fictional sequences, film excerpts, and interviews thus meld to a filmic discourse on narration, an essay on cinema, its fragmented forms and the possibilities of telling this story (these stories). The director will be present.

Written and directed by: Jürgen Heiter
Actors: Raoul Coutard, Joseph Zehrer, Ralf Küpper, Claudia
    Honecker, Olaf Möller, Sven Johansson, among others
Filmed in Cologne, Berlin, Rome E.U.R., Sabaudia, Paris,
    and Ostende,
    104 min., G/E/I/F, DigiBeta, G 2004
Production: Heiter Filmproduktion in cooperation with
    ZKM_Institute for Visual Media
Sponsored by the Ministerium für Städteplanung, Wohnen, Kultur und
    Sport in Nordrhein-Westfalen [Ministry for city planning,
    residence, culture, and sports in North Rhine-Westphalia]


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