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Symposium: The Beauty of Uniformity :: The symposium investigates examples of the serial uniformity of clothes and bodies. Uniformity is understood as a social and cultural phenomenon that exerts a considerable influence on social processes. The terms 'uniform' and 'uniformity' have negative connotations because they are associated with law enforcement agencies [army, police]. However, uniform types of clothing are both part of an everyday personal role model and a structural model for mass ready-made clothing. The symposium examines examples of uniforming processes in both historical contexts and situations of radical change, such as the church, the army and companies [corporate fashion], and in areas of modern consumption: the fashion of sub-culture styles and everyday media [film, Internet]. The studies, which form part of the 'Key Themes of the Humanities' programme, are funded by the Volkswagen Foundation [Hanover]. Programme: Full version with abstracts and biographies: www.birgitrichard.de.
[Symposium: »The Beauty of Uniformity« | Thursday, 14 October 2004 | ZKM_Lecture Hall, admission free]

Symposium: Ego Armies. Deception. Camouflage. Drill :: The symposium is bound up with the »Coolhunters exhibition« the ZKM_Karlsruhe is planning to hold in spring 2005. Adolescents today are confronted more than ever by radical change. Their everyday lives are marked by a trend towards ever greater individualisation; youth cultures help to establish an identity, while aesthetic distinctions create a temporary sense of stability in peer groups. The symposium addresses the creeping aesthetic militarization of society and examines the almost everyday nature of violence in the mass media. The presentations look at these aspects in further detail and help to answer the question about the ways in which the military as a social category is coming increasingly to the fore in today’s media-based society. Programme: Full version with abstracts and biographies: www.birgitrichard.de
[Symposium: »Ego Armies. Deception. Camouflage. Drill | Friday, 15 Oct. - Saturday, 16 Oct. 2004 | ZKM_Lecture Hall, admission free]

-> A video documentation of the performance is available here.
Performance: John Giorno »Everyone Gets Lighter« :: John Giorno, one of the leading lights of the New York beat generation, devised the legendary event at the Museum of Modern Art in 1970, during which different poems could be listened to every day on answering machines. The LP produced later entitled The DIAL-A-POEM Poets features the highlights from among 700 poems by 55 poets. The Giorno Poetry System label he founded in 1965 focused on the innovative use of new technologies. The label published over 40 LPs and CDs, videos and films by authors working with music and/or performance, such as Laurie Anderson's You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With [1981]. In his performance »Everyone Gets Lighter« the founder of performance poetry will use true-to-life neologisms to transform his personal relations with Andy Warhol [Giorno was the 'sleeper' in Warhol’s first film Sleep in 1963], Keith Haring and William Burroughs into a first-rate audio-visual experience.
[Performance: John Giorno | Wednesday, 13 October 2004 | ZKM_Lecture hall, 7 pm | Two for the price of one: a ticket for the Phonorama exhibition in the ZKM_Museum for Contemporary Art gives you free admission to the lecture [lecture alone: €2.50 / €1.50]

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