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Carl Michael von Hausswolff:
Friedrich Jürgenson - a presentation

Thursday, 28 October 2004 ZKM_Lecture Hall, 7 pm

Two for the price of one: a ticket for the Phonorama exhibition in the ZKM_Museum for Contemporary Art gives you free admission to the lecture
[lecture alone: 2.50 / 1.50]

[-> Information auf Deutsch]

Carl Michael von Hausswolff talks about the Swedish artist and academic, Friedrich Jürgenson, who in 1959 became the first experimenter to produce »radio contact with the dead« using a tape recorder. Friedrich Jürgenson [19031987] and Carl Michael von Hausswolff have one thing in common: they don't fit into any of the customary pigeon-holes. Hausswolff an installation artist, composer, producer, publisher and curator will introduce the phenomenon known as Raudive voices, in which Jürgenson invested several decades of painstaking research. The conversations with the dead, which have already been issued on CD, have been used in experimental music productions and Hausswolff's installations, which can also be heard at the Phonorama exhibition in the ZKM.

- Lecture in English -


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