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Çay Salonu - literary tea salon at ZKM

ZKM-Music Balcony | until 08 August 2004

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ZKM has created Çay Salonu for the literary and musical supporting program accompanying the exhibition Call me ISTANBUL ist mein Name. Çay Salonu will be open throughout the exhibition. In this literary musical tea salon, children, teens, and adults will find extensive literature from Turkish and German authors: fairytales, youth literature, popular nonfiction books, travel guides, poetry, and prose. Çay Salonu, decorated with Turkish carpets, antique kelims and copperwares, is a place for relaxation, exchange, and cultural encounters.

Fairytale hour for children

every Sunday, 4 pm | admission free
Turkish fairytale hour
In German and in Turkish, Oya and Sibel unveil the treasures of the Turkish art of storytelling. Accompanied by the Ud [Turkish short-neck lute] and Kanun (Turkish box zither), two traditional instruments used in Ottoman music, they tell their tales of the master thief Ali, the little chickpea, the basil girl, the cheese sack, the three bad luck ravens, the double hunchback, and other characters from the world of Turkish fairytales.

Youth theater Tiyatro Diyalog : Nasreddin Hoca
Directed by Rusen Kartaloglu, Tiyatro Diyalog stages with humor and verve the roguish anecdotes of the »Turkish joker« - a wise guy and clever fellow who not only makes people laugh, but also gets them thinking.
16. May 2004 | 4 pm

Turkish game afternoon
Banu Beyer and Melda Atakhan invite all children to play traditional Turkish children's games. Yag satarim, bal satarim ... and let's get going!
23 May, 20 June, 18 July 2004 | 4 pm

Literary - Musical tea salon for adults
When authors from Turkey, who have lived in Germany for years, are honored with the highest German literature and film prizes for their essays, poems and novels, their screenplays and films, then they are not just token Turks who let us pat each other on the back and confirm the success of integration. They have long belonged to a self confident literary scene that it is so productive and prolific precisely because it has never bowed down to some postulated German leitkultur.
admission: 5/ 3

Sculpture-performance Zehra Çirak / Jürgen Walter
The Karlsruhe writer Zehra Çirak and artist Jürgen Walter present a literary sculpture-performance with German and Turkish texts.
Sat 08 May 2004 | 8 pm

2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal: »no turistik, no egzotik« and
»east - west - trash clash« : Köhler und kri play Grand Prix
Sun 16 May 2004 | 7 pm

Reading Gülsel Özkan, Heimat Babylon / Job Sharing
The multiply distinguished Ettlinger screenplay writer and film director Gülsel Özkan reads from her most current, unfilmed screen plays.
Fri 21 May 2004 | 8 pm

Reading, Zafer Şenocak, Exiles in Istanbul.
The renowned cosmopolite plans out an evening with his books »Der Mann im Unterhemd« (The man in an undershirt) and »Zungenentfernung« (Tongue removal).
Fri 04 June 2004 | 8 pm

Philip Jeck and Janek Schaefer play Istanbul
Fri 04 June 2004 | 10 om


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