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ZKM digital arts edition / Special issue
Second edition, October 2003

William Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies

Choreographer William Forsythe, artistic director of the Frankfurt Ballet since 1984, has brought about a shift of paradigms in contemporary dance. The vocabulary of his choreographies re-defines body, space, time and movement. Improvisation Technologies, originally intended for the professional use of the dancers of Frankfurt Ballet, provides a unique opportunity to gain a different access to the work of this major contemporary choreographer.

Divided into 60 video chapters, the CD-ROM is made up of lecture demonstrations in which William Forsythe shows the essential principles of his improvisation techniques. Dance sequences, specially performed by Christine Bürkle, Noah D. Gelber, Thomas McManus and Crystal Pite, can be called up as further illustrations. Also included is a document of improvisation in practice: Forsythe’s performance of Solo, filmed in 1995 by Thomas Lovell Balogh. The CD-ROM is in English only. The richly illustrated German/English accompanying booklet includes an interview with William Forsythe, an essay by dance critic Roslyn Sulcas, as well as photographs by Dominik Mentzos.

In order to facilitate close reference to the CD-ROM, the now enlarged booklet includes transcripts of Forsythe‘s lectures. The content of the CD-ROM is unchanged, but the software base has been updated for compatibility with more recent operating systems [e.g. MacOs X].

System requirements [minimum] :

· Pentium II-based PC or compatible computer
· 64 MB free RAM
· Sound Blaster or compatible sound card
· CD-ROM drive [4x]
· Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP
· QuickTime 6 for Windows
· or
· PowerPC based Macintosh computer [G3 or higher recommended]
· 64 MB free RAM
· CD-ROM drive [4x]
· MacOS 9 or MacOS X [v 10.1.5 or later]
· QuickTime 6 for Macintosh

» Ed. ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
  and Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln/SK Stiftung Kultur

  CD-ROM [Mac/PC], English
  with booklet [68 pages], German/English
  ISBN 3-7757-0850-2
  EUR c. 29,80


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