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Linux Audio Developers Conference 14-16 March 2003

In cooperation with people of the Linux Audio Developers Mailinglist , the Institute for Music and Acoustics at the Center for Art and Media , Karlsruhe invites to a

Linux Audio Developers Conference

to be held from

Friday, 14 March 2003 to
Sunday, 16. March 2003

at the Institute for Music and Acoustics, ZKM, Karlsruhe/Germany.

mp3 download of all the talks

List of speakers and proposed talks

The (first) conference of the "Linux Audio Developers" gives you the chance to inform yourself firsthand about the current state of developments of audio under Linux.

With the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) becoming more and more stable, the list of free audio-related software for the open-source operating system Linux is growing quickly. The presentations held during the conference cover a wide range, starting with the technical basics of the sound driver architecture (ALSA, JACK), up to applications dealing with the topics harddisk recording, MIDI sequencing, software synthesis and score editing. Also, a lecture about LADSPA (Linux Audio Developers Plugin API) deals with methods of digital signal processing.

The presentation on Friday at 8:00 PM (Overview "Linux und Sound", held in German language) and the Session III ("Applications and Distributions"), starting at 5:00 PM on Saturday especially address people who are less interested in the software development aspects and are more interested in "making music". The conference ends on Saturday evening with a "Linux Sound Night" which shall demonstrate how music can be made and produced under Linux. The audience is invited to participate in this event by asking questions about certain applications. All presentations (unless specified) are held in English language.

In addition to the public talks the conference will offer the opportunity for Linux Audio Developers to discuss current and future audio development. This is intended to take place especially on Sunday, where rooms of ZKM are available for LAD internal discussion.


No registration is needed for the public talks.


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