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\\international\media\art award 2003

Terms of the Competition

Subject \\
Prizes will be awarded for artistic merit, independent image and sound expression, originality and creativity in the media-specific handling and processing of the subject of »Constructed Life: Scenarios of Fiction Between Computer Games, Cyber Sex, Nanobytes, and Robotic Arts«.

Submission \\
Each entrant may submit up to two entries. Video entries should not be longer than 15 minutes each. Works already nominated in a prevision video art award or media art award competition are excluded. There must be no advertising or promotional content in any entry. Entries will not be accepted from employees of the organisers. Entrance is free of charge.
Video entries must be submitted as tapes suitable for broadcasting [PAL: Beta SP, Mini-DV, S-VHS; NTSC: only on Beta SP].For initial viewing, VHS copies (PAL/NTSC system) may also be submitted. In the case of multimedia entries, the entrant must state the platform [CD-ROM: PC/MAC] and the configuration. In the case of Internet projects, a precise technical specification is required. Video documentation must be submitted for projects involving installations.
In order to avoid customs duty, please do not declare a value of more than EUR 20 when submitting works from outside Germany.

Jury \\
A preliminary jury established by the organisers will nominate a maximum of 50 entries for the \\international\media\art\award 2003. These entries will be broadcast, included in a catalogue and published on the Internet. An independent specialist jury will then award prizes to three of the nominated entries. The jury will take decisions by a majority vote. The jury's decisions will be final and recourse to the courts is excluded.

Transfer of rights \\
All nominated entries will be broadcast on the third channels of ARD, on Swiss television SF DRS and on ARTE once in each case and may be repeated in whole or in part on 3sat. All entrants will be required to transfer all the relevant rights to their entries [transmission, distribution and archiving rights as well as the right to use excerpts for news, preliminary reporting and promotion purposes and on digital media and services such as the Internet, CD-ROM etc.] and will be required to indemnify SWR and ZKM from any claims made by third parties in connection with such use. A lump sum fee of 1200 will be paid for rights to nominated entries. All entries will be broadcast solely in connection with the competition and any additional use will be subject to special agreement. Any use other than for broadcasting purposes is subject to special agreement.

In the case of winning entries, the organisers will acquire the right to broadcast the entries concerned again and to repeat them on ARD, Swiss television SF DRS, ARTE as well as on and 3sat and on ARD Digital by awarding the prizes. Entrants will be deemed to have transferred the relevant rights to the organisers upon submitting their entries.

Presentation archiving \\
Nominated entries may be presented by the organisers at non-profit-making events such as festivals. Award-winning entries will also be included in the ZKM Mediathek. The organisers will be deemed to have acquired the relevant rights by awarding the prizes.

Deadline for submission \\
1 April 2003
Only entries postmarked no later than the deadline for submission will be accepted.

ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe
Lorenzstr. 19
D- 76135 Karlsruhe

Each entry must be accompanied by a completed entry form and must be marked with the name of the entrant, the title and the usual technical data. The entry form may also be printed out from the internet.

Signature \\
By submitting an entry for the \\international\media\art\award 2003, entrants will be deemed to have accepted the conditions of entry.

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