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Martin Rieser, Andrea Zapp, (eds):
New Screen Media. Cinema/Art/Narrative

A publication by The British Film Institute (BFI), London, and the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) Karlsruhe, January 2002

Leading theorists and artists are discussing a new culture of narrative and drama, critically examining the social, political and cultural contexts as well as their own practice of fiction-based forms of interaction.

The accompanying DVD provides up to 4 Gigabytes of video, illustration and analysis of groundbreaking digital artwork.
Paperback ISBN 0851708641, Hardback ISBN 085170865X

Contents ::

by Timothy Druckrey

An Age of Narrative Chaos?

Structural Overview:
Cinema, Art and the Reinvention of Narrative

° Part 1 Orientations: History and Theory


Sean Cubitt : »Spreadsheets, Sitemaps and Search Engines«
Why Narrative is Marginal to Multimedia and Networked Communication, and Why Marginality is More Vital then Universality

Paul Willemen : »Reflections on Digital Imagery«
Of Mice and Men

Söke Dinkla: »The Art of Narrative and the Floating Work of Art«

Peter Weibel: »Narrated Theory: Multiple Projection and Multiple Narration«
(Past and Future)

Annika Blunck: »Towards Meaningful Spaces«

Lev Manovich: »Computerisation and Film Language«

Andrea Zapp: »net.drama:// myth/mimesis/mind_mapping/«

Alex Butterworth and John Wyver: »Interactive or Inhabited TV«
Broadcasting for the 21st Century

Chris Hales: »New Paradigms<>New Movies«
Interactive Film and New Narrative Interfaces

Beyond Narrative?
Ken Feingold: »The Interactive Art Gambit«

Jon Dovey: »Notes Toward a Hypertextual Narrative Theory«

Martin Rieser: »The Poetics of Interactivity«
The Uncertainty Principle

Eku Wand: »Interactive Storytelling«
The Renaissance of Narration

Grahame Weinbren: »Mastery (Sonic Cíest Moi)«

° Part 2 Explorations: A New Practice

Restructuring Time
Jill Scott: »Crossing and Collapsing Time«
Re-constructing (Her) Historical and Ideological Film Narratives on a Transformed Stage

Toni Dove: »The Space Between«
Telepresence, Re-animation and the Re-casting of the Invisible

Redefining Space
George Legrady: »Intersecting the Virtual and the Real«
Space in Interactive Media Installations

Malcolm Le Grice: »Dream Time and Digital Media«
Computers, Cinema and the Transformation of Authorship

Bill Seaman: »Recombinant Poetics«
Emergent Explorations of Digital Video in Virtual Space

Beyond the Screen
Luc Courchesne: »The Construction of Experience«
Turning Spectators into Visitors

Jeffrey Shaw: »Movies after Film«
The Digitally Expanded Cinema

Merel Mirage: »Emotions Encoded«

The Personalised Interface

Zoe Beloff: »An Ersatz of Life«
The Dream Life of Technology

Michael Buckley: »The Good Cook«
A Vertical Axis versus a Horizontal Axis in Interactive Narrative Construction

Graham Harwood: »Mongrelís National Heritage«
Reporting the Experience


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