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\\international\media\art award 2001

CTRL-[SPACE] - the vigilant society

° Call for entries

*_The \\international\media\art award 2001 is a joint project of the ZKM_Karlsruhe and the Südwestrundfunk Baden-Baden [SWR] in cooperation with the Swiss television SF DRS and arte.
The award was established in 1992 as a competition for video art from Germany by the ZKM and the SWR in order create a public forum for video - especially by presenting it on television. The competition soon invited international productions, and became a renowned forum for media art. Interactive works of art have been accepted for the competition since 1997.

CTRL-[SPACE] - the vigilant society
observation | surveillance | control | attention

- > We must not let the 100-eyed all seeing colossus Argos become a mythical icon of our media society, we must be watchful for strategies of surveillance, be vigilant against the technologies of reconnaissance, to defend civil society against the armament of vision, that is society' s new task. ++

- > Peter Weibel, ZKM

*_To see without being seen, to monitor, to store, to control, to observe - all this is possible within the network society. The government knows about our property and our income, the bank our transactions, the insurance company about our risks, the travel agency about our favorite destinations and the police store our data. We live in a transparent society where everybody observes everything, and with the aid of information technologies, we construct the »panoptic« society [pan = everything; optikos = to see]. From Orwell' s »1984« to »Big Brother« or »The Matrix« - surveillance has new fascination, which permeates even the psychic structure of the individual. A new market of attention produces narcissism, exhibitionism, voyeurism as new playgrounds of the mass media.
Modernism' s fears and prohibitions are substituted by Postmodernism's imperative: You are to enjoy ! The tyranny of intimacy and the end of privacy in all their consequences, their allure, their dangers form the background for the subject ctrl space_the vigilant society of the \\international\media\art award 2001. ][

° The international jury

Lynn Hershman [media artist, San Francisco]; Chrissie Iles [curator for film| video, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York]; Christoph Joerg [editor and producer, arte [La Sept], Paris]; Friedrich Kittler [media theorist, Humboldt University, Berlin]; Thomas Y. Levin [culture and media theorist, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.]

° Awards

\\international\ media\ art award 2001 \\ VIDEO \
[ 12.000,-]
\\international\ media\ art award 2001 \\ INTERACTIVE\
[ 12.000,-]
special award of the organizers\\
[Production at the ZKM and TV-documentation of SWR]
audience award \\

° Deadline -> March 15, 2001

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