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ZKM_CinemaOnWednesdays at the ZKM

*_With this date, the ZKM establishes a new series that thematically refers to ZKM' s current exhibitions and which furthermore documents the discussion of film, its development and perspectives in the context of New Media.

The series is a joint project of the ZKM and the Kinamethek Karlsruhe. The first program centers on subjects of the exhibition »Surroundings Surrounded« by Olafur Eliasson. ][

June 6, 2001 ::

»Vom Fluss River Colors«
Germany 1994
Directed by Christoph Janetzko
62 mins,16 mm, color, original version [without dialog]

»Water and Power«

USA 1989
Directed by Pat O'Neill
60 mins, 35 mm, color, original version

June 13, 2001 ::

»Hand Held Day«
USA 1974
Directed by Gary Beydler
6 mins, 16 mm, color, silent film

»Eine Geschichte über den Wind«

France 1986| 88
Directed by Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan
80 mins, 35 mm, color, original version with German subtitles

June 20, 2001 ::

»Downside Up«
England 1984
Directed by Tony Hill
17 mins, video, original version

»Seated Figures«

Canada 1988
Directed by Michael Snow
42 mins, 16 mm, color, sound, original version [without dialog]

»The plow, that broke the plains«

USA 1936
Directed by Pere Lorentz
25 mins, 16 mm, b| w, light sound, original version

June 27, 2001 ::

»In the Shadow of the Sun«
England 1972| 81
Directed by Derek Jarman
60 mins, 16 mm, Farbe

»Lektionen in Finsternis«

Germany| France| England 1991
Directed by Werner Herzog
52 mins, 35 mm, color, original version

[8.30 pm :: ZKM_Media Theater :: Entrance fee: DM 8/4]

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