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Small Fish
Annika Blunck

*_Small Fish represents chamber music in two dimensions. Visitors hear and see fifteen fascinating music scores, for here objects without material presence are allowed to manifest themselves. The two acrobatic hands of the musician turn into visitor's hands, playing with cursor and button, as he continually changes the coordinates of the graphic elements on the computer screen. The sounds produced are no mere accidental or random result; rather they express the animated visual conception that the user has arranged upon the surface of the screen: dispersed abstract forms, circles and points, lines or moving coloured patterns.

Small Fish plays with sounds and notes, colours and forms, as well as with abstract concepts. Yet between the player and what he plays there is the monitor, on which the composition is formulated in ever new images. The artists have created distance precisely where intimacy had long been cultivated: at the musical instrument, where the expression »press and play« had an earlier significance. This traditional intimacy is sublated while playing Small Fish. The performer does not manipulate, he communicates: his hands create graphics and animations that transform themselves first into sounds, then into music. As the separate elements become connected, the computer screen itself dissolves into a dynamic artistic space, thus making possible the creative interaction between work and observer. The game can begin.][

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