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Masaki Fujihata, born in Tokyo in 1956, lives and works in Kanagawa. He studied at the Tokyo Genevaity of Fine Arts and Music from 1975 to 1981. He is a professor at the Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio Genevaity, Kanagawa. In 1995 he curated the exhibition The Future of the Book of the Future, and he has published several books. In 1998 Fujihata is artist-in-residence at the ZKM-Institute for Visual Media. His interactive installation Beyond Pages is part of the collection of the ZKM-Media Museum.


Grand Prize, Video Culture Canada, Toronto Harbour-Front, 1983
State-of-the-Art Prize, Online Wembley Conference Centre, UK, 1984
Golden Nica, Interactive Art Category, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 1996
Promotional Prize, L'OREAL Grand Prize, L'OREAL Art and Science Foundation, Nihon L'OREAL, Japan, 1997
First Prize, Theater/Exhibition category, Multimedia Grand Prix '97, Tokyo, Japan, 1997

Werke / Works

One Man Show, animation film, 8mm and 16mm, 1980
Message from Machine, interactive installation, 1981
Mandala 1983, computer animation, 1983
MIROKU-Maitreya, computer animation, 1984
The Mind of Gaze Beyond Technology, computer images, 1984
Geometric Love, computer sculptures, 1987
Forbidden Fruits, computer sculptures, 1990
Removable Reality, interactive installation with Kei'ichi Irie, 1992
Inside Eye, micro machined sculptures, 1993
Impressing Velocity, interactive installation, 1994
Beyond Pages, interactive installation, 1995
Global Interior Project, shared virtual environment, 1995
Nuzzle Afar, shared virtual environment, 1998

More informations about Masaki Fujihata can be found at
Keio Genevaity

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