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Dennis Del Favero, Neil Brown, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel :: T_Visonarium I [2004]

»T_Visionarium« is a long-term research project investigating the use of interactive narrative to create new forms of viewer engagement with televisual data. The first version of the project was realized in 2004 for the - > EVE-Dome.
Implemented for both EVE-interfaces, the user can either navigate the image sphere by means of a rotating column or a head-tracking device. The projection system is fixed on a motorised pan tilt apparatus mounted on a tripod. By means of remote control, the viewer then selects an option from a recombinatory search matrix. The matrix allows for algorithmic searching and recombination of data sets from within a televisual database. This database is recorded during a selected weekly period of time from forty simultaneous satellite television channels. The matrix operates across a number of different parameters such as keywords, phrases, color, pattern, ambience etc. On selection of a parameter, the matrix then extracts and distributes all the corresponding broadcast embodiments of the parameter over the entire projection surface of the dome. The viewer, by moving their head in different directions and thus the position of the projected image, shifts from one channel's embodiment of the selected parameter to the next.

Type of Work
Interactive Installation using - > EVE

· Project Directors: Dennis Del Favero, Neil Brown, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel
· Project co-ordinator: Volker Kuchelmeister
· Software Engineer T_Visionarium I: Bernd Lintermann, Matt McGinity, Keir Smith
· Additional Software: NICTA's Multimedia and Video Communication Research group [Dr Jack Yu]
· EVE-Concept: Jeffrey Shaw
· Interaction design: Jeffrey Shaw, Volker Kuchelmeister
· Project management: Damian Leonard, Kate Dennis, Sue Midgley · Project assistants: Andrea Hartinger, David McKenzie, Caitlin Fraser, Gabriel Nervo
· Audio design and engineering: Tim Kreger

· Co-production of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe [D]; iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, University of New South Wales [AUS]; EPIDEMIC [F]

Funded by the Australian Research Council Discovery Grant: Interactive Narrative as a Form of Recombinatory Search in the Cinematic Transcription of Televisual Information.

EVE-Dome blue
EVE- Interfaces A [Pan and tilt-head tracker] or B [rotating column]
remote control


Inflatable dome: H: 9m/ ø 12m

· Institute for Visual Media

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