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Luc Courchesne :: Portrait One [1990/95]

The CD-ROM adaptation of an earlier installation [1990] explores portraiture in the age of hypermedia and virtual reality. Marie, a French-speaking Montrealer in her thirties, played by actress Paule Ducharme, appears to be lost in reverie. You may try to get her attention: when selecting »Excuse me...« on the display, Marie suddenly stares at you; then, selecting a question like »Do you have the time?« starts a conversation that will develop according to visitor's curiosity or Marie's moods. The encounter may be cut short due to a lack of tact or interest, or it may develop into intimate considerations about love in the context of a virtual relationship.
- Luc Courchesne -

Type of Work
Interactive work on CD-ROM
published in artintact 2 [1995]

· Concept and realization: Luc Courchesne
· Actress: Paule Ducharme
· Camera, photography: Jason Levy
· CD-ROM programming: Volker Kuchelmeister, assisted by Sylvia Molino Muro
· Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

Macromedia Director
Apple QuickTime

· Institute for Visual Media

Presentations [selected]

»MultiMediale 4«, Karlsruhe [D]


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