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Jeffrey Shaw :: The Net.Art Browser [1999]

The »Net.Art Browser« is a means of conjoining information space with the museum space and hybridizing the interactivity of surfing the Internet with the museum tradition of wall mounted images. While painting, cinema and TV construe images inside a fixed frame, the notion of 'augmented reality' that accompanied the development of the virtual reality technologies offers the new paradigm of a mobile viewing window that reveals images that are spatially embedded in the real environment. Using this model, the »Net.Art Browser's« web sites, curated by Benjamin Weil, are virtually placed side by side along a white wall. A motorized large flat screen [linked to a cableless keyboard] allows the viewer to move this display window linearly [in either direction] from one Internet-connected web site to another.
- Jeffrey Shaw -

Type of Work
Networked installation

· Concept and realization: Jeffrey Shaw
· Application software: Frank Fischer [DHF Gesellschaft für Datenverarbeitung, Karlsruhe], Jürgen Enge
· Hardware: Bossinade Lightworks and Huib Nelissen Dekorbouw · Website curator [for the exhibition »net_condition«, ZKM | Karlsruhe, 1999-2000]: Benjamin Weil · Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

1 PC
remote control
movable plasma display on slide mounting

custom application software


· Institute for Visual Media


Presentations [selected]

»net_condition«, ZKM | Karlsruhe [D], 09/23/1999 - 02/27/2000


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