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Ken Feingold :: JCJ-Junkman [1995]

The central figure on the screen is the image of the ventriloquist puppet-head I used in an earlier work, »Jimmy Charlie Jimmy« [1992], a worn-out relic with a glazed eye and peeling skin. The initial screen reveals this head floating against black, surrounded by a whirling storm of ever-changing, appearing and disappearing »buttons« of many varieties. If one manages to »click« on one of the buttons, a piece of concrete sound is heard, and the puppet head begins to speak, moving his mouth and repeating phrases. Sometimes a click will silence him. There is no beginning and no end, no other levels, no score. It is »interactivity« reduced to a zero-degree, as thousands of narrative fragments displace each other, fueled by a raw desire to »get something«.
- Ken Feingold -

Type of Work
Interactive work on CD-ROM
published in artintact 3 [1996]

· Concept and realization: Ken Feingold
· Programming: Ken Feingold, Volker Kuchelmeister
· Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Macromedia Director
Apple QuickTime

· Institute for Visual Media


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