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Masaki Fujihata :: Impressing Velocity (with Motion Platform) [1999]

The aim of producing this art piece is to develop a special algorithm to distort the view of the viewer, instead of viewing the actual view in front of him. The user who is sitting on a simulation platform can control a lever for starting, accelerating and stopping a toy train in distant place. The image is captured by a CCD camera mounted on the train and is mapped onto the virtual screen in computer space. This screen is distorted according to the data grabbed by an accelerometer mounted on the train. An algorithm abducts the process by which our brains normally perceive accelerating the motion.

Type of Work
Interactive networked installation/ Application for simulation platform

· Concept and realization: Masaki Fujihata
· Application software: Takeshi Kawashima · Application hardware: Takeshi Kawashima, Torsten Ziegler · Special thanks to Jun Homma, Taka Furuhashi, Wake Yuka, Harald Kucharek
· Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Stewart simulation platform
Acceleration sensor
Polarized glasses
Model railway
SGI Onyx-2
3 Pentium PCs
Video camera
Wireless video transmission
Lightwave fiber optics system

Custom software

Simulation platform: ø 6.40m

· Institute for Visual Media

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Image: »Installation view« / © Masaki Fujihata

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