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Tamás Waliczky :: Focusing [1998]

»Focusing« is made up of hundreds of photographs and can be viewed equally as a personal, digital photo-album as well as a metaphorical vision of Europe. Starting with the blurred, simulated photograph of an imaginary street on which a crowd of people has gathered, it is possible to investigate individual members of the crowd and the relationships between them. The camera in this case is the interface.
- Tamás Waliczky -

Type of Work
Interactive work on CD-ROM

· Concept: Tamás Waliczky and Anna Szepesi
Programming: Tamás Waliczky and Wolfgang Münch
Commissioned by »Photo 98,« the UK year of photography and electronic image.
Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media, 1998.

Published in → »ZKM digital arts edition #1« [1998].

Macromedia Director

· Institute for Visual Media

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Tamás Waliczky: »Focusing« [1998] / Interactive work on CD-ROM
Screenshot / © Tamás Waliczky

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