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ZKM digital arts edition | DVD-ROM

Eds. ZKM/Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe and The College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney
Co-produced by Cinemedia, Melbourne

DVD-ROM (Mac/Windows, English)
with interactive artworks by Dennis Del Favero, Agnes Hegedüs, Ian Howard, Susan Norrie, Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel
and book (English, 112 pages) featuring texts by Jill Bennett, James Donald, Ursula Frohne, Charles Green, Lev Manovich, Anna Munster and Peter Weibel
c. ¤ 39,80
ISBN 3-7757-1087-6

‘In a myriad of ways, the effects of the rapid uptake and convergence of new media technologies are felt and experienced by populations and individuals at the level of a virtual and actual sense of dislocation. Fragmentation of ”community”, urbanization, and the collapse of locale and neighbourhood, the erosion of the private spaces of the sexual and the familial – all these have emerged as themes attributable to the restructuring and divergent flows of new information economies and mediascapes.’ Anna Munster

Photography, video, dance and music were the media and subjects of the first four issues of the ZKM digital arts edition, which were published in 1998 and 1999. While the first instalments in this series devoted to important works of interactive art appeared on CD-ROM, the new medium of DVD-ROM is the chosen vehicle as of 2001. The forthcoming issue deals with innovative narrative forms of interactive film in the widest possible sense. The (dis)LOCATIONS DVD-ROM presents new works by Australian and European artists. Varied in form and subject matter, the individual works by Dennis Del Favero, Agnes Hegedues, Ian Howard, Susan Norrie, Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel address the specific challenges of interactive narrative conception and design. (dis)LOCATIONS is part of the wider iiC_inema project (exhibition, publication, Website and conference) dedicated to exploring developments in interactive cinema, and collaboratively being conducted by the University of New South Wales (Sydney), Cinemedia (Melbourne) and the ZKM (Karlsruhe).
Essays by authors including Jill Bennett, Lev Manovich and Peter Weibel in the accompanying book comment upon the featured works and analyze theoretical aspects of interactive cinema and digital communications media.


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