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The complete artintact 1994-1999

Artists' interactive CD-ROMagazine on DVD-ROM

Ed. ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
DVD-ROM [Mac/PC, English, in part multilingual, essays German/English] booklet with an essay by Timothy Murray
ISBN 3-7757-1092-2
c. 58.-- Euros
June 2002

From 1994 to 1999, the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe presented pioneering works of interactive media art in the book-with-CD-ROM package entitled artintact. Now representing a unique collection of art treasures of a very special kind, the magazine counts among the few examples of an original project devised specifically for the CD-ROM medium. artintact was presented worldwide at numerous festivals and exhibitions, and won several awards. A large number of the featured contributions were produced in the course of artist-in-residencies at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media, meaning the five editions published simultaneously amount to a cross-section of the institute's work under the direction of media artist Jeffrey Shaw.
Digital art is still inseparably linked with the question of whether and how it can survive the rapid advancements permanently undergone by its basic technical material. What will become of works developed on computer systems for which manuals or replacement parts are no longer available, whose software is no longer readable, or for whose carrier media drives are no longer to be found? In order to guarantee the continued viewing and enjoyment of the "virtual museum" built up by artintact, a complete edition of the magazine is now being presented on DVD-ROM. Alongside all 15 works of art, the package includes all the German and English texts printed in the books that accompanied each issue, as well updated biographies and listings of the works of the participating artists.

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