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Department Media and Economics

The department Media and Economics was founded on May 1, 2001, as part of the Center for Art and Media (ZKM). The department conducts scientific research on economic and social phenomena occurring in conjunction with the uses of new media and then offers public institutions and private enterprises consulting services based on these phenomena.

The purpose of promoting economic and social research within the Center for Art and Media is to enable timely identification and consequently fruitful reaction to new media trends as they apply to other branches of research and to corporate policy. This on-going identification process avoids the imposition of external, post facto economic and social research upon the subject by targeting media phenomena as they first occur and subsequently evolve.

The Center for Art and Economics recognizes that the development and uses of media involve not only technical and artistic dimensions but also economic and social ones. The rapid and precise observation of these events enables timely policy consulting. In this way managerial action can be taken quickly with little waste of time and money or disruption of procedures. The thorough research conducted on media developments by the Center for Art and Media is of potential benefit to private organizations, chambers and associations, and the general public alike. Scientific theory, empirical research and applications-oriented consulting can thus be closely and advantageously linked with one another.

The department Media and Economics is currently working on an interdisciplinary program focusing on:

  • education and new media
  • applications and impacts of new media
  • media-supported information systems in industry
  • media-supported systems for popular participation (e-government)
  • Internet-supported compiling of data for social research
  • sectoral analysis within industry

Organizations commissioning the department Media and Economics are the European Union, German federal and state ministries, municipalities, scientific foundations and institutes, and private enterprises.

Project researchers are:

Michael Mangold (scientific and organizational management)
Uwe Hochmuth
Thomas Kassella
Christoph Schneider
Robert Soultanian

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