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ZKM | Media Library

The ZKM | Media Library's exhaustive collection consists of several kinds of information media.

*_Visitors find books, video tapes, CD-ROMs and sound carriers related to 20th and 21st century art. The inventory can be researched with the help of the Virtual catalogue film by KOBV. There the collections of other film libraries are listed too.
A server based system provides access to the video collection and the audio CDs. The media library is a reference library, books and other media can only be used on site. The publications of the ZKM and the Hochschule für Gestaltung (State School of Design) make part of the Media Library's stock too.

The ZKM | Media Library participates in the Network of Multimedia Resource Centres, which links more than 60 important archives, libraries, document centres, museums and research facilities in various locations. The aims are to secure, preserve, develop and make available audiovisual media and materials as an important cultural resource for the interested public. ][

° Media Library - Service Pages

Additionally, there is a topic-related link collection and an archive of bibliographies providing context for past and current exhibitions at the ZKM.

° Library

The ZKM and the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung, HfG [State School of Design] have a joint library containing about 48,000 books and digital media. About 100 magazines and five newspapers are also available. The library stock can be found via the website of Library Portal Karlsruhe.
The library concentrates on contemporary art, focusing particularly on media art, architecture, design, media theory, film, photography, and electro-acoustic music. This ist complemented by classical art history, theatre, and philosophy. The whole stock open and systematically arranged to make it possible to search for literatures directly on the shelf. PC workstations are provided for examing various art and reference titles on CD-ROM and for databases and internet.

° Video Collection

The video art collection of the ZKM currently comprises 600 titles of the most important positions in video art, as well as 660 titles of the video magazine »Infermental« from the 1980s. Moreover, works awarded the \\international\ media\art\award are being collected.
Sitting in one of the four silent and comfortable media seats [design: Luc Courchesne], visitors can play back the digitized tapes.
For professional research, we provide expert stations that allow to browse all of the material on stock.
Further tasks are to restore the early video tapes and also the critical incorporation of different media archives for research.

° Audio Collection

The Audio Collection of the ZKM emphasizes contemporary music. It comprises about 13,650 titles. Additionally, there are scores, photographs, and not least the original electronic studio of the music pioneer Hermann Heiß (1897-1966) with rare appliances from early days of electronic music. Especially interesting is the International Digital Archive for Electro-Acoustic Music (IDEAMA). Besides main modern works and the archive of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für elektroakustische Musik (DEGEM) the collection hosts Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop and movie soundtracks, as well as one of the largest soundscape collections worldwide. Works that have been awarded the Karl-Sczuka-Award for radio play and radio art (Südwestrundfunk, since 1955) can also be listened to. Four historic listening-chairs by Dieter Mankau (documenta 8) create a very special ambiente to explore the collections.
Within the collection since April 2006, the audio-archive of Radio_Copernicus, an independent and mobile German-Polish artist radio station, is publicly accessible as an permanent exhibit. Almost the complete programme in English, Polish and German, which has been broadcasted on air and online between July and December 2005 and consisted of talks with artist, readings, soundscapes, interviews, live sessions as well as 27 commissioned works, can be selected and listened to.

° Medialounge

The medialounge, the exhibition area of the ZKM | Mediathek (media library), creates not only a spatial connection to the Media Museum, but also shows the transition from a standard library for individual use as well as audio-visual seating arrangements and listening booths to a public presentation of media. The curatorial focus is partly on bringing visitors into contact with the various materials in the collection and party to deepen exhibit themes focusing on the history and development of media art.

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