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° Profile

The ZKM | Institute for Visual Media is a forum for the creative and critical discussion of the constantly changing media culture.
Since its foundation in 1991, it has been one of the leading international institutes for research and production at the intersection of digital art and information technology.

A center of competence for visual digital technologies, the IVM under the direction of Peter Weibel provides an innovative environment for research and development in the fields of multi-media art works and information technologies of socio-cultural, scientific and economic significance.
Besides pursuing its own development activities, the collaboration with international guest artists as well as with cultural and research institutions worldwide is a central constituent of the Institute’s activities.
The spectrum of productions ranges from digital video, DVD-production and 3D animation to interactive installations and environments, from software systems for the real-time generation of natural and architectural environments to audio-visual applications for performance contexts.

Presented as part of major national and international exhibitions, festivals, conferences and publications, the Institute’s projects and research results have attracted international attention with the general public and expert audiences from the scientific and artistic communities.

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° Research & Development ::

A focal point of the Institute’s research and development is the field of immersive projection environments, within the framework of which innovative hardware and software solutions for artistic projects are developed.
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° Production ::

The field of artistic production includes projects developed by the institute, co-operation projects, commissions, as well as projects by artists-in residence.
As part of international exhibitions and presentations, these projects are presented to the public on a regular basis, thus reaching a wide audience.
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° Artists-in Residence Program/ Visiting Scholars ::

The international Artist-in-Residence Program is a central constituent of the Institute’s activities.
The aim of the program is to enable artists to realize works and projects or to prepare and carry out parts of projects within a technologically innovative environment.
The Visiting Scholars’ Program aims at supporting scientific research dealing with media art and media theory, the history of media and technology as well as current issues of today’s digital culture.
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