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ZKM_Institute for Net Development

*_The ZKM_Institute for Net Development is dedicated to the implementation of innovative Web-related applications. Aesthetic, social and technical aspects are taken into consideration in the ongoing debate about the validity of online media for the production, presentation, distribution and archiving of media art.

Moreover, the Institute is responsible for the Center for Art and Media's dynamic Web presence. The Institute's online editorial staff maintains the ZKM online archive, with its steadily growing body of texts and links to artists, activities and trends in media and Web art and related themes. The home page is designed as a Web log with daily updates from the world of media and Web art.

° Activities

The Institute's focus lies on the development of communication tools and strategies for artists and cultural institutions, cross-media publishing, networking and intelligent data processing.
Technically, the Institute for Net Developments is is aiming at a flexible content management system, which ultimately should be able to handle the MIDI, audio and video data of international Web artists as well as GPS information and descriptive data from other Web servers [metadata].
Another ongoing project is the establishment of a MP3-Archive with excerpts from ZKM's concert and event program which is currently available online in a beta version ::


Other research focal points include streaming media [video and audio online], Web ready panorama photography [spheric projections], mobile computing [palm] and the XML based integration of various server and data bank environments.

° Projects and Coproductions

The Institute for Net Development provides Web Content Management advice and support for artists and cultural institutions. Research results are incorporated into a number of projects and coproductions that are realized entirely or supported by the Institute ::

Development of new multimedial access options for the International Digital Electroacoustic Music Archive IDEAMA :
Automated conversion of multimedial content for various data circuits (mobile, data based, W-LAN), development of data structures for multimedial archive systems.
Project manager :: Jürgen Enge :: enge@zkm.de

DILPS :: constructing a digital image database which serves as an exchange- and research tool for art historical contents. »DIGITAL IMAGE LIBRARY PROCESSING SYSTEM (DILPS)« is implemented in cooperation with Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe and the Institute for Art History, J.W. Goethe-University Frankfurt :
Development of systems that can cope with large amounts of data, research systems, data-mining, data-warehousing. Automated generation of presentations.
Project manager :: Jürgen Enge :: enge@zkm.de

Oecumenic Church Congress in Berlin, May 28 - June 1, 2003 :: the first life transmission of AV in full PAL-resolution through networks with conventional PC-technology (Streaming). Broadcast on large-scale projection screens at the venue. Application of high-sped communication systems.
Project manager :: Arne Gräßer :: graesser@zkm.de

http://www.tuerkenbeute.de :: developed in cooperation with the Badisches Landesmuseum, this virtual museum presents highlights from the collection »Karlsruher Türkenbeute« with interactive 3D and zoom images. The display of the artifacts is combined with related historical and art historical information, downloads and an archive with content from the website. In addition, a forum and chat function invite users to interact with the virtual museum as well as with other visitors to the site.
Project manager :: Thomas Fürstner :: fuerstner@zkm.de

http://www.holocaust-education.de :: this multilingual educational project titled »Learning from History: Projects about National Socialism and the Holocaust in Schools and Youth Work« has been completed in its first stage. Cooperation partners are the Goethe Institute and the Society for the Promotion of Cultural Education, the project is sponsored by the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group.
Project manager :: Thomas Fürstner :: tfuerstner@zkm.de

Further Cooperations :: Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, ICIE International Center for Information Ethics Deutschland/ USA, E-toiles Straßburg, Goethe Institut Munich, Agentur Fox Vienna, GFT Technologies AG St. Georgen, Mc Cracken Productions Karlsruhe, enBW Baden-Württemberg AG Karlsruhe.

° Artists-In-Residence

The Institute for Net Development provides innovative technologies and support for internationally renowned media artists. Artists-In-Residence are regularly invited to put the artistic capacities of the Web to the test with projects of their own.
Current Artists-In-Residence :: Woody Vasulka:: www.vasulka.org

ZKM_Exhibitions ::

fast forward. Media Art from the Goetz Collection

[11.10.2003 - 29.02.2004]

FUTURE CINEMA. The Cinematic Imaginary after Film

[16.11.2002 - 30.03.2003]

Iconoclash. Beyond the Image Wars in Science, Religion and Art

[04.05.2002 - 01.09.2002]

CTRL [Space]. Rhetorics of Surveillance from Bentham to Big Brother

[13.10.2001 - 24.02.2002]

Olafur Eliasson : »Surroundings Surrounded«

[31.05. - 26.08.2001]

seeing time

[30.11.2000 - 22.04.2001]

Der anagrammatische Körper

[8.04.2000 - 27.08.2000]


[23.09.1999 - 27.02.2000]

° Director

Jürgen Enge :: enge@zkm.de

° Staff

Arne Gräßer :: graesser@zkm.de
- Software Development and Streaming Technologies
Jörg Leupold :: leupold@zkm.de
Darija Simunovic :: simunovic@zkm.de
- Scientific Assistants
Heike Borowski :: borowski@zkm.de
- Editor
Silke Altvater :: salt@zkm.de
- Screen Design, Flash Design and Programming

° Contact


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