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\\international\media\art\award 2002

\\ bilder-codes\\ do we understand pictures?

Call for Entries

Until this very day we have to learn how to decipher writing, to read. For a very long time, however, it was conventionally agreed that pictures are understood by mere perception. This was held to be true in the times of the non-moving and the early days of moving pictures. Now the increasing inundation with pictures in all available technological media, the increasing capacity of storage media and the volatility of image recording media present a new challenge to the viewer. From photography to movies, from X-ray imaging to computer imaging, from magnetic video recording to the television screen, every day we are being confronted with the most diverging image media.

»The world is what I perceive«
- Maurice Merleau-Ponty -

How do we perceive pictures in the various media?
How can we learn to understand pictures?
What is the future for pictures? What is their message?

»Nothing is left unillustrated. There is a fitting image medium for every sector. For the macro cosmos of space just as for the micro cosmos of the body. \\Across the media borders\\, pictures leave their trace. With the flood of pictures increases the viewer's impotence, he is no longer capable of conclusively interpreting the multiple use of pictures in the variety of media.«
- Peter Weibel -

It is thus all the more important to consider an iconography of media pictures, a discerning task to which ZKM and SWR are dedicated by selecting this subject for the \internationalmediaartaward on its 10th anniversary. Artists from all over the world are invited to decode the "bilder*codes#" in all types of media and to study and discuss the multiple function and utilisation of pictures from medicine to armed conflict. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive summary and insight into the universe of today's technological imaging, a guide through the picture codes of this day and age.

The competition for the \\international\media\art\award 2002 is being organised jointly by Südwestrundfunk Baden-Baden [SWR] and ZKM| Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in co-operation with Swiss television SF DRS, arte and TV Slovenija.
This award is the successor to the International Video Art Award, awarded for the first time in 1992. The \\international\media\art\award is intended to provide a forum on the television and in the general public for artistic videos as well as other media and interactive arts projects.

- Deadline : April 01, 2002 -

Information: medienkunstpreis@zkm.de

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