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Jeffrey Shaw :: The Telepresent Onlookers [1995]

»The Telepresent Onlookers« was conceived in 1995 for the - > EVE dome: It linked the movement of the interior video projectors of the Extended Virtual Environment to a stereo pair of video cameras mounted on another pan/tilt device situated outside the dome. As a result the exterior scene could be reconstituted within the dome, allowing the viewers inside to be vicariously telepresent in the space outside.
»Telepresence and the conjuction and interpolation of remote spaces are fundamental qualities of the emergent cyberspace of highspeed broadband telecommunications. This installation conjoins two groups of 'onlookers' by means of a displacement of one image space into another. As its subject it adopts the condition of the 'museum onlooker' as a cultural protocol, which makes the telepresent confrontation of the public with itself a self-significant event.« [J.S.]

Type of Work
Interactive networked installation using → EVE

· Concept and realization: Jeffrey Shaw
· Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Network connection

· Institute for Visual Media


Presentations [selected]
»MultiMediale 4«, Karlsruhe [D]


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