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Erkki Huhtamo :: The Ride of Your Life [1998]

»The Ride of Your Life« is a »media-archeological installation« that takes the participants on a trip through a hundred years of audiovisual history. It is a ride through the "ride film", one of the recurring genres of the moving image. »The Ride of Your Life« is an experiment in film historical discourse, a model for »experiential film history« - the participants, sitting on a synchronized motion platform, are hurled through one hundred years of ride films in four minutes!
- Erkki Huhtamo -

Type of Work
Application for simulation platform

· Concept and realization: Erkki Huhtamo
· Editing: Erkki Huhtamo, Ken Feingold, Stefan Joachim
· Application software: Gideon May, René Graf
· Animation: Sabine Hirtes
· Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media in co-operation with the Institute for Robotics at Karlsruhe University [D]

Pentium PC
simulation platform
3 bucket seats

custom application software

Dimensions/ Duration
simulation platform: ø 6.40m/ 4:22min.

· Institute for Visual Media

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