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Tamás Waliczky, Sebastian Egner, Jeffrey Shaw :: The Forest (for Simulation Platform) [1993]

Tamás Waliczky’s computer animation »Der Wald« becomes part of an interactive installation, based on a flight simulator whose cockpit is replaced by a simple platform with a seat and a large monitor. Using a joystick mounted in the arm of the seat, the viewer can negotiate his own path through the forest, which is shown on the screen in front of him. The flight simulator reacts accordingly, so that changes of speed or direction are experienced as physical sensations.

Type of Work
Interactive application for simulation platform

· Authors: Tamás Waliczky, Sebastian Egner, Jeffrey Shaw
· Concept: Jeffrey Shaw
· Computer animation: Tamás Waliczky
· Application software: Sebastian Egner · Hardware assistance: Manfred Hauffen, Dr. R. Gruber, Hartmut Bruckner, W. Wentzel, Volker Kuchelmeister
· Shepard instrument adapted by Pierre Dutilleux · Reality Engine provided by Silicon Graphics, Karlsruhe · Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

6DOF-Motion-System, Crimson Reality Engine, Indigo Elan, NeXT Cube, IRCAM Signal Processing workstation, VM20, Colani-Design 486SX, Philips Superscreen 46GR8850, SpaceMouse customized version

Irix v4.0.5, Performer, mididev, GNU-C, NeXT-Step, OS9, MS-Kermit, Mathematica

· Institute for Visual Media

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