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Dennis Del Favero: Pentimento [2001/2002]

The project explores a news report detailing the discovery of an unidentified body in bushland on the outskirts of Sydney. A young man and woman are arrested. They accuse each other of murdering their father whom they allege was sexually abusing them. The crime is reconstructed by means of the specific patterns of viewer/database interactions. These interactions evoke a large scale and evolving memory whose fragments comprise the separate narrative fragments of each of the protagonists.
- Dennis Del Favero -

The DVD-version of the work was published as part of: »(dis)LOCATIONS« [2001], [ZKM digital arts edition].

Type of Work
Interactive work on DVD-ROM [2001]
Interactive video installation [2002]

Direction, production, design: Dennis Del Favero
Writer: Stephen Sewell
Composer: Brett Dean
Sound design: Tony MacGregor
Sound engineer: John Jacobs
Stylist and designer: Karla Urizar
Voice-overs: Lenka Kripac, Matthew Edgerton, James Marshall Napier, Peter Kowitz, Tony MacGregor
Actors: Hollie Berrie, Andrew Dalton, Thor Thorsen
Compositing: Greg Ferris
Application programming for installation: André Bernhardt
DVD-ROM programming and design: Volker Kuchelmeister, assisted by Skye Daley and Daniel Wright
Supported by the Australia Council, the Australian Federal Government's Arts Advisory Body.
Produced with the assistance of Cinemedia's Digital Media Fund, Victoria, Australia.
Special thanks to The Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney, and Cinemedia, Melbourne.

Produced at the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media.

DVD-version published in: (dis)LOCATIONS, ZKM digital arts edition, 2001.

· Institute for Visual Media


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© Dennis Del Favero

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