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Peter Weibel: The Panoptic Society or Immortally in Love with Death [2001]

»The Panoptic Society or Immortally in Love with Death« offers a view into the future of our emerging panoptic society. Prisons will be commercially run private institutions, which have to make money with their inmates. One way of capitalization on the prisoners will be to offer to viewers to communicate with inmates by pay per view, pay per mail, pay per e-mail, pay per phone. Naturally the more interesting the crime, the more interesting the prisoner, the bigger the public, the bigger the profit. Therefore prisons will compete for the most notorious prisoners. The cruelest killers will be the fatal attractors in this panoptic society, gaining fame, glamour and money. They will become the secret stars of media society and will become so important for the maintenance of the media system that they, after their death, will be secretly replaced by virtual doubles and avatars.
- Peter Weibel -

Type of work
Interactive work on DVD-ROM

published in: »(dis)LOCATIONS«, ZKM digital arts edition, 2001.

Concept: Peter Weibel
Design, programming and multimedia production: Skye Daley, Daniel Wright
Additional programming: Volker Kuchelmeister
Additional visuals: Franz Wamhof
Co-production Peter Weibel and ZKM | Institute for Visual Media; iCINEMA Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, University of New South Wales [AUS].

published in: (dis)LOCATIONS, ZKM digital arts edition, 2001.

Institute for Visual Media


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