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Eric Lanz :: Les Gestes 2 [1994]

»Les Gestes 2« is a 10-minute video loop for large-screen projection, showing a series of rapidly edited close-ups [of 4 seconds duration] showing tools and other common gadgets being used. The segments are linked by color, shape or movement. The size of the projection and the noise of each tool emphasize the corporeal and haptic qualities of the image. Lanz points out that far from being universal, »the way a tool is handled conveys a specific language that reproduces the users' more or less conscious relation to the world.«

Type of Work
Video installation

· Concept and realization: Eric Lanz
· Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media
· Supported by a project stipend of the Siemens Kulturprogramm

Duration/ Format
10 min. [looped], U-Matic

U-Matic video player with auto repeat
Video projectors
2 speakers

· Institute for Visual Media


Eric Lanz: »Les Gestes 2« [1994] / Installation view
© Eric Lanz

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