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Christian Ziegler :: 66movingimages [1998/2002]

In »66movingimages,« Chris Ziegler has installed his journey along the famous Route 66 as an interactive road movie. By using a linear navigator, the road from Chicago to Los Angeles becomes a spatial interface. The motorized screen, mounted on an 11-meter long rack, can be controlled by the viewer. When the monitor is in motion or stopped, what you see are spatial and temporal images from a filmic map. When moved, the film reproduces the spatial image metamorphoses on channel 1. When the monitor is static, you see the scenic respectively documentary takes from Channel 2. The viewer navigates right through to the single-frame level of the film. Here, »moving images« are images which the viewer moves.

Type of Work
Interactive Installation

· Concept, video, realization: Christian Ziegler
· Application software: Christian Ziegler, Torsten Ziegler

Linear navigator: c) Jeffrew Shaw
[Concept: Jeffrey Shaw; engineering: Nelissen Dekorbouw; programming: Torsten Ziegler]

Co-production of Chris Ziegler and ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

1 PC
movable plasma display on slide mounting
remote control

Final Cut
Elastic Reality
Macromedia Director


· Institute for Visual Media

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Image: »Videostill« / © Chris Ziegler

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