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36. Aurora Reinhard, Poikatyttö – boygirl, 2002
Short blond hair, long grey pullover with hood, round face, deep voice, Aurora Reinhard's Poikatyttö - boygirl redefines concepts like "man", "woman", "boy", "girl", "lesbian", "asexual". Three young women report how the people around them respond to their asexual or essentially masculine appearance and how they have learned to handle this. [Carmen K. Beckenbach]
  37. Oliver Ressler, This is what Democracy looks like!, 2002
1. July 2001. The World Economic Forum is meeting in Salzburg. Excluded from this are all non-millionaires; anyone who has failed to improve his or her financial position or lost work and culture as a result of economic globalization. To avoid criticism, all demonstrations (with the exception of a small, stationary rally) are banned. Ressler shows the banned demonstration and interviews individual participants. His contribution makes it clear how undemocratic the much-praised Western democracy can be. [Barbara Könches]
  38. Ira Schneider, NAM JUNE PAIK is Eating SUSHI in SOUTH BEACH (Miami, Florida) / 1998, 1998
Sushi is not all that Ira Schneider makes the father of media art eat. Nam June Paik eats the images of his works of art, which have now almost become icons: a television, a Buddha, a globe. They disappear into his mouth morsel by chopstick-held morsel. [Carmen K. Beckenbach]
  39. Corinna Schnitt, Das schlafende Mädchen, 2001
After a long tracking sequence over a sterile new housing estate - there is not even a sign of life in the children's playground - attention is focused on a living room. The voice of an insurance broker can be heard off camera, leaving a message on an answering machine. Surprisingly, the main subject is the return of his ball-point pen, and not a building society savings plan, as might be expected. The leading woman in the video appears for the first time in the view of the living room: a sleeping girl. It is an allusion to the painting of the same name by the Dutch interior painter Jan Vermeer, whose pictures still leave so many questions unanswered today [Carmen K. Beckenbach]
  40. skop, I KNOW WHERE BRUCE LEE LIVES, 2001
Skop's ultra-interactive Kung Fu remixer invites the user to compile his individual homage to Bruce Lee. In the course of this, an interface with a hideously beautiful imitation wood surface offers a whole range of possibilities from "Now it's your turn!" to "I'll send you to hell!". Short fight sequences, Chinese characters, death-hungry opponents and typical Bruce Lee poses can be accompanied according to our whim by mysterious, victory-hymn-like, threatening or tension-charged music. The result is a concentrate of all the clichés that come to mind when you hear the name Bruce Lee. [Carmen K. Beckenbach]

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