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26. Henrik Mauler, Kontaktschmelze, 2002
There is no longer any doubt that science is dependent on images as well. Nothing is credible without visual backup, whether it is diagrams, X-rays of infra-red photography. Henrik Mauler uses Boolean algebra, the basis for logical computer operations, to bring objects together that would never meet in reality. This shows the absurdity of many logical conclusions. [Barbara Könches]
  27. Stefan Micheel, terra nullus, 2001
Stefan Micheel's contribution is dominated by silence. Streets with no human beings in them, deserted squares, with a bird flying across the sky here and there. Berlin, the metropolis, dead, depopulated, mute. Micheel dates the shots around 11.09.02, a significant memorial that gives the images an additional hermeneutic component. [Barbara Könches]
  28. Angelika Middendorf, ID_TRANSIT. Track I – IV, 2000
ID_TRANSIT is a four-part video collage based on 25 interviews. The interviews are about the extent to which the concept of reality has been changed by recent technological developments. Interviewees included the media analyst and culture critic Stefan Heidenreich, the outstanding swimmer Anne Wiesner and the art historian and curator Catherine David. Various linguistic and creative levels are used to make the theme of the interview into the object presented, showing the extent to which meaning and context can become independent. [Carmen K. Beckenbach]
  29. Wolfgang Oelze, Silencers, 1999
Oelze collected video sequences from feature films in which objects accidentally "get shot" for the video installation Silencer. He divided these minor details in films - who actually notice which vase is shot to pieces, and how, in a thriller? - into various categories. This led to a catalogue of "snapshots" that are made effective in their own right again by the spatial presentation. Life is breathed into these inanimate objects for a moment. [Carmen K. Beckenbach]
  30. Marko Ornik, Blok vs. POLE, 2000/01
Blok VS Pole is another example of a club video. A man on a swing, turning on his own axis, hands connecting a human torso to a cable, a helmet - the only element that links the different pictorial sequences together is a round disc in the middle of the picture. It responds to the monotonous music by vibrating slightly. [Carmen K. Beckenbach]

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