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DEGEM WebRadio @ ZKM

Since June 2005 the DEGEM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik e.V. / German Society for Electro-Acoustic Music) has been engaged in a close cooperation on both contents and technology with the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in the project DEGEM WebRadio @ ZKM, a medial platform for electro-acoustic art.

On this service, which is open to all those interested, electro-acoustic music can be heard, discussed and reflected upon in the mirror of current events. Both private and academic electronic studios can present themselves here, as can musicians and composers, labels, projects and research projects. Last but not least, WebRadio is also available as a platform for artistic projects and experiments, and can transform itself, at least temporarily, into such. In cooperation with the ZKM, the project has been compiling an archive of all WebRadio contributions, which is available to the public for research purposes.

“Radio” plays an important role as an option and a metaphor for the concept of WebRadio. Dynamic networks provoke new forms of media communications without having to be “radio” in the traditional sense. This is currently less about a media competition than a situation of attention economy, which can itself be steered via feedback and connections to artistic scenes, actions, public media archives and artistic events.

The DEGEM web radio program may be heard at http://degem.radio.de/

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