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<69> Marc Lafia

The Vanndemar Memex or Laura Croft Stripped Bare by her Assassins, Even

The Vandemar Memex is a rumination on the many fascinating tropes of extended self, distributed narrative, artificial life, collective intelligence and emergent systems. The Memex, set up in the context of a game, re-assembles Duchamp, Vannevar Bush, video games and many contemporary art works putting forward the notion of a engine from which works happen. The work is structured as a series of events, organized by episodes, a tool set, narrative tracks and collective networked actions.

The user first selects a code name, then an image that tells the machine something of their psychological type and soon is set along a path.

Authors ( Marc Lafia : direction, concept, story, images, interface Mark Meadows : story, design Gabriella Marks: words, images, design, play mechanics, code


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