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<45> Redundant Technology Initiative

Redundant Technology Initiative is a group of artists working with low cost or no-cost technology. RTI started in 1997 with a marketing campaign designed to induce high-tech businesses and organisations to donate their redundant computer equipment to the project.

The proposition was simple - rather than getting into a never-ending cycle of fundraising to finance computer upgrades, the project would, as a matter of policy, work with technology that cost nothing. This came out of an ecological awareness - huge numbers of functional computers, no more than three or four years old, were being scrapped by British businesses. It also neatly sidestepped the corporate, consumerist context of much digital art - which had become, in effect, sales demonstrations for the latest technology.

What RTI have found is that trash technology upgrades for free! Last year the project was working with 286's and 386's. Now powerful 486 and Pentium machines are being discarded by businesses hungry for ever more processing power.

RTI continues continues to exhibit trash technology art in venues around

the UK and now in Europe, and campaigns to advocate low cost access to information technology. RTI is still hungry for obsolete machines and runs an ongoing campaign that asks businesses and individuals to donate computers that they no longer use.


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