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<44> Alexandru Patatics

< Step to ...word > explores simultaneously the parallelism between the informational world of the Internet and aleatory environment events generated by passing visitors, which are surveilled by video cameras. The software virtual sensors continuously analyse the capture window, which displays the image of "immediate situations", and will construct words. Those words (resulting from the video images) will access the Internet's "search engines"; images from the Internet which have some kind of connection with the words from these sentences will then be returned and displayed on a screen. A process of communication begins; returning other kind of images which will become via video projection the "events of the environment".

The installation works as a type of converter "event-image - communication-index by word and URL dictionary - Internet searching machines - returned image, sound - image video mixer -video projection - event-image," so we can put everything in close circuit ... as a self generator, looping installation. Also, the installation contains two levels of perception: one represents the concrete hardware connections between the equipment and video projections of images, the second consists of the software and its working parts - images, software sensors and references to communication of the Internet. The result displays the mixture or interference between those instances.


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