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<42> Old Boys Network

Old Boys Network

initiated by Cornelia Sollfrank in summer 1997. OBN organized the 'First Cyberfeminist International' @ hybrid workspace, dx, Kassel, September 1997; publication of the reader 'First Cyberfeminist International', presented at ars electronica 1998; in cooperation with Tech-Women, organization of the 'next Cyberfeminist International', March 1999, Rotterdam; publication of the reader documentation in September 1999 (; currently OBN is planning the publication of a book on Cyberfeminism together with Autonomedia (

OBN consists of a core-group of currently 8 women who take responsibility for administrative and organisational tasks, and an associated worldwide network. The core-group members are Cornelia Sollfrank, Claudia Reiche, Helene von Oldenburg, Faith Wilding, Yvonne Volkart, Verena Kuni, Julianne Pierce and Susanne Ackers. ( OBN is dedicated to Cyberfeminism, and OBN's concern is to build spaces in which Cyberfeminists can research, experiment, create, communicate and act.

The infrastructure OBN provides consists of a Cyberfeminist server, the old_boys mailing list and Real-Life meetings. All this activities have the purpose to give a contextualized presence to different artistic, theoretical and activist formulations under the umbrella of Cyberfeminism. (

Presentations of OBN@: Foro Artistico, Hannover; Next Five Minutes, n5m, Amsterdam; Festival Jonctions-Verbindingen, Brssel; FESTIVAL OF COMPUTER ARTS, Maribor; 8. Internationale Performance-Konferenz, Frankfurt; BIN Baltic Interface Network Conference, Hamburg; Hochschule fr bildende Knste, Hamburg; hbk, Braunschweig; mikro Lounge, WMF, Berlin; Face2Face-Meeting, Graz; ars electronica, Closed X; Cyberfeminist Conference East-East, St.Petersburg; CODE RED, Sydney, Australien;

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Cornelia Sollfrank - Eppendorfer Weg 8 - 20259 Hamburg - +49-40-4304749


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