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<40> Mongrel

Mongrel is a mixed bunch of people and machines working to celebrate the methods of an 'ignorant' and 'filthy' London street culture. We make socially engaged cultural product employing any and all technological advantage that we can lay our hands on. We have dedicated ourselves to learning technological methods of engagement, which means we pride ourselves on our ability to programme, engineer and build our own software and custom hardware. The Core Members are Matsuko Yokokoji, Richard Pierre-Davis and Harwood.


As well as starting and producing its own projects,Mongrel also works as an agency through which projects by other people can be set up and co-ordinated. This means that who does what isn1t as important as what gets done.


We are as much about hip hop as about hacking. Mongrel makes ways for those locked out of the mainstream to gain strength without getting locked into power structures.Staying Hardcore means that Mongrel can get the benefit of sharing the skills and intelligence of people and scenes in similar situations, as well as dealing with other kinds of structures on our own terms.


Mongrel rarely operates as just a core group. We prefer to work on a range of specific collaborations. These can be with organisations, individuals or groups. The ability to plug into different skills, structures or ways of doing stuff means we get to stay fresh.


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