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<38> Jenny Marketou

SMELL.BYTES(TM) is's on-line virtual environment, written in Java and html interface. It contains an odor lab, a stinky gallery, and a FANCLUB. And consists of a huge database of 7000 " smells", numbers and an ever-growing collection of human profiles constantly grabbed through the analysis process.'s obsession is body odors. To satisfy this appetite, grabs, and downloads in the odor lab; unsuspecting inhabitants from Cyber Cafe and CU SEE ME on-line environments, where the inhabitants engage themselves in text based conversations and representations of themselves and their habitats, through pictures and video streams. Here evaluates them according to their symmetry, beauty and body odor, finally to consume them as smellbytes.

SMELL.BYTES(TM) is the artist's second project on the Internet, and one of a series of projects that take into account body odor, one of our chemical senses, as well as beauty in visual representation, not as a set of canon rules but as a collision of elements in a context of information networks and data interpretations.


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